Are Surveyors Upgrading to Windows 10?

Updated: November 12, 2015

Are Surveyors Upgrading to Windows 10?

As Microsoft rolls out the Windows 10 Fall Update,I thought it might be nice to share some information with you from other Land Surveyors about their upgrade experiences.

Most Land Surveyors and other Geomatics Professionals are probably already aware that upgrading to a new or updated Windows version can be tricky. A lot of Surveyors still use older software because “it just works”. Can you blame them? Once you find a good software that works the way you want, you prefer to stick with it. Of course, as many have experienced, the software developers disappear, go out of business, or simply just stop supporting their older projects. This makes it difficult to maintain the latest versions of operating system software, such as Windows, because new technologies can leave that old software behind.

It seems pretty safe to say so far that Windows 10 upgrade experiences have generally been pretty positive. The upgrade runs pretty smoothly and is more hands-off than with previous upgrades. But does your software still work? Even Autodesk doesn’t seem to sure of that yet.You may already be aware that Autodesk still hasn’t announced official support for Windows 10.

To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question, it seems.

I’ve been running a poll with the awesome members of SurveyorConnect for about 48 hours, to see if I could get a little insight into the matter. There have been other discussions previously about Windows 10, some folks showing frustration with the upgrade, while others were saying the upgrade went smoothly. Still others refuse to upgrade due to the privacy agreement attached to Windows 10.

So, without further ado, here are my initial findings. I expect to post follow-up articlesa time or two as the polling data changes, but I think this initial data collection is probably pretty accurate, even this early on.

The 48-hour data

In the first two days of polling, I’ve found that those who upgraded are pretty evenly tied with those who haven’t.

Have You Upgraded to Windows 10?

But here is where it gets more interesting.Those who did upgrade to Windows 10 overwhelmingly indicate that problems were minor or non-existent.

The Upgrade Experience to Windows 10

Why have the nay-sayers not yet upgraded to Windows 10?

Haven't Upgraded to Windows 10 Because...

Now let’s put that all together.

Have You Upgraded to Windows 10? more

So it seems that an upgrade to Windows 10 is a pretty safe bet, based on these poll results (so far). Additionally, the data seems to indicate that many aren’t upgrading simply because they don’t expect it to go well. As I stated before, I’ll revisit the results after more data is collected and we’ll see how these initial figures hold up.

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Originally published on November 12, 2015

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