Ford Wants to Develop Drone-to-Vehicle Surveying System for F-150 Trucks

Updated: January 6, 2016

Ford Wants to Develop Drone-to-Vehicle System for F-150

Ford Wants to Develop Drone-to-Vehicle System for F-150Yes, you read that right. Take my money. Now.

Ford has put a $100,000 bounty on the head of thesystem that will create a real-time link between a DJI drone, a smartphone and an F-150 pickup truck. The system would use either the Open XC platform or Ford’s SYNC AppLink to bring everything together.

The system will be intended, at least initially, to assistemergency responders in the event of a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster. However, as Popular Mechanics points out in their article, this system could be of great interest to land surveyors and other construction-related folks.

For more details, visit:

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Originally published on January 6, 2016

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