How to Market Foundation Surveys

Updated: May 28, 2020

How to Market Foundation Surveys

Foundation surveying is critical for homeowners who want to keep track of how their home’s foundation is performing. It’s also beneficial for those who need to prepare for major additions or who may have to prove their home’s foundation has settled.

However, you may have found that marketing your services is trickier than you would expect. Many homeowners aren’t aware of these benefits and don’t realize how much damage a shifting foundation can cause to their homes.

If you want to promote foundation surveys, you will need to be both an expert in communicating the benefits of a survey and targeting the demographics most likely to need your services. Here is how any foundation surveyor can market their services.

The Benefits of Foundation Surveys

You know why surveys are important, but your clients aren’t experts. They may not understand why they should want a foundation review before beginning construction on a new home or addition. Before you can build your sales pitch, you must be able to communicate the benefits of a survey to a homeowner who doesn’t necessarily have technical knowledge. Start with the key advantages of hiring a surveyor:

  • Tracking changes in foundation movement. If a home’s foundation begins moving over time, an early reading from a foundation surveyor can give evidence of this. A survey is often necessary for obtaining a home warranty to cover damage caused by foundation movement.
  • Identifying potential foundation issues. A survey can also let homeowners know if they are likely to deal with foundation movement in the future. An inspection can give them an idea of what they need to prepare for or determine if they should repair their foundation to avoid damages.
  • Preventing foundation problems. Foundation problems are one of the costliest issues a homeowner can encounter. As the foundation moves, walls and floors can sustain damage, and doors or window frames can shift. These issues require major repairs. Cracked epoxy floors can be difficult to fix on your own, and you may need a professional. Homeowners may not realize their home’s foundation is the problem, spending thousands of dollars on repairs before identifying the source. Verifying correct foundation pouring can prevent these issues.

When possible, you should also communicate the best times to perform a foundation survey. Ideally, this is right after the foundation is laid for any major additions. This survey will catch any current foundation problems and give homeowners a baseline to work with. If their foundation starts moving and causing damage to their home in the future, they’ll have hard numbers to prove it.

Of course, if a homeowner hasn’t had a foundation survey in the past and is concerned that it may be moving, an analysis will be useful even if the home isn’t new.

Best Methods for Promoting Foundation Surveys

Your surveying business can use just about any technique for promoting your foundation surveys. Some, however, will be more effective at targeting homeowners who need your services. These are some of the best advertising methods to employ for targeting those homeowners.

Advertising Offline

These traditional, offline advertising methods will help you target local customers:

  • Solicit testimonials and customer referrals. According to survey data from Modernize, 63% of homeowners find contractors for projects through recommendations from friends and family. A good review from a friend or neighbor is often enough to convince a potential client. After a project, solicit testimonials and encourage your clients to refer your services to their friends, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Develop business partnerships. Establishing partnerships with local businesses or teaming up for major construction projects is another excellent way to build community relationships.
  • Join the NSPS and your local surveying society. Joining the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and your local surveying society, if you haven’t already, will also help you network with other surveyors. Surveying organizations and the NSPS provide resources to their members — like local meetings, events and training seminars. You will need to pay dues to join the NSPS or any local societies. However, the opportunity for resources and networking will usually outweigh these fees.
  • Sponsor an event. Businesses that sponsor local events typically receive branding opportunities in exchange for their funding. By sponsoring an event, you can show off your business’s logo and name. You may also be able to table at the event, talk with community members and hand out promotional materials.
  • Advertise or run an article in the local paper. Despite the growth of digital media, a significant chunk of Americans still get their news from the paper. Advertising or running stories in your local newspaper can help you target these community members.

Advertising Online

The internet is a key advertising channel for just about every business, surveyors included. When promoting your foundation surveys, you will want to take advantage of the basic internet advertising methods available to you:

  • A strong web presence. A professional website will act as the hub for your online advertising strategy. It will help potential clients find important information, like what services your business offers and how they can request a quote. If you’ve received testimonials and reviews, you can also showcase them on your website.
  • Social media. Building a social media presence will provide access to some of the best online advertising platforms around. Ad tools on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will give you fine-grain control over who your ads will target. With some social media platforms, ad targeting can be highly granular, allowing you to market to users only in certain income brackets or zip codes.
  • Paid search marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising is a popular choice for businesses of any size. These ads are placed directly on search result pages based on the query a user is searching for. You can target homeowners with the right combination of keywords and demographic filtering, which can drive traffic toward your site.
  • Content marketing. Publishing articles in relevant publications will advertise your business and demonstrate your expertise. Look for publications that serve your target audience and pitch articles to those places. Content marketing can be especially effective for surveyors because homeowners rely heavily on internet research before starting a project. Fifty-one percent of homeowners look for articles before beginning a major home renovation project, and more than a quarter will spend upwards of 10 hours researching. Publishing relevant articles can capture those individuals’ attention.

Best Practices for Promoting Foundation Surveys

The right marketing approach for surveyors will have to target both homeowners and other people who may need foundation surveys. It must also communicate the benefits of employing a foundation review. A combination of online advertising, which can demonstrate your services, and offline advertising, which can target local customers, will likely be the most effective.

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Originally published on May 28, 2020

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