The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Updated: October 19, 2019

The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Move It or Lose It

An Ohio man says local officials cut a building in half to end a property dispute with him. It happened in Ruggles Township following a complaint by Brett Galloway, who contends township officials constructed a building that was partly on his property.

“It is pretty much the most ridiculous thing ever,” Galloway told WJW.

Failed Negotiations

He said he has tried negotiating with township leaders since January, but last week, when they didn’t reach an agreement, officials put up a fence and cut down part of the building. About a third of the building still remains on Galloway’s property. Officials plan to tear down their portion. The building was used to store equipment.

Galloway said he has another unrelated property issue with the township that is already in court, and he had hoped to get this matter resolved.


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Originally published on October 19, 2019

About the Author

Wendell T. Harness

I’ve been building online properties since the late 1980’s and transitioned to web design in 1999. I formed Harness Media in 2005 to help businesses grow through online marketing. I also talk to cats in a silly voice.

16 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever”

  1. Well they would be in another lawsuit for the trash left on the property and depreciation and any other thing a shyster lawyer could dream up.

  2. Saw this story this morning. I was impressed that one of the first comments was “wow no one thought to have the land surveyed before building?” 

  3. They have compounded their initial stupid of building over the line by demolishing the building in this asinine way. I smell a municipal organization that has problems that go well beyond typical government dysfunction. 

    • @briarcutter
      Knowing how vindictive and stupid some governments can be it would not surprise me one bit to learn that they fined him for that portion of the building that is over the setback line.

  4. About a third of the building still remains on Galloway’s property.Surely a sixth at most – why haven’t all you pedants spotted that yet? 

    • @holy-cow
      Math, truth, integrity, work ethic, an ability to pick a profession that has genuine value to society, the list goes on and on.

  5. A few years ago, John Francis wrote about an experience that sounds about as dumb.  He had a client that owned multiple parcels.  There was a barn or building of some type on the property, and it was on more than one parcel.  The city would not let him do a combination plat to combine all the parcels unless the building was torn down first.


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